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Why insubordination turns toxic: Understanding the behaviours and red flags of an Upward Bully

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Maureen Kyne

Upward Bullying Expert | Industrial Relations Leader

Speaker| Author | Executive Coach

Maureen Kyne helps Leaders and Organisations to create Tranquil Leadership.

With over 30 years experience Maureen Kyne is a leading authority in workplace bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination. With qualifications and a career spanning nursing, manufacturing, construction, transport, HR, IR & WHS she brings wide-ranging experiences.

Maureen works with CEO’s and Executive teams who are faced with the following challenges:


Have people who bring “old school behaviour” to work – and leave people feeling disrespected, harassed or bullied


Have a team that walks on eggshells around certain people, and are visibly uncomfortable


Are promoting new leaders but they are quitting or “failing” because the people they lead target them with disrespectful, bullying behaviour


Have had a few “near misses” with complaints that nearly went to Fairwork or WorkCover


Have tried to change the approach to training on bullying and harassment but feel like it’s falling on deaf ears

Maureen is a regular guest on 3AW and 6PR, and regularly contributes to 9News,, HRD and more. 

She delivers keynotes, workshops, advisory and executive coaching programs to help bring highly experienced and insightful specialist advice to:


Save lives – physically, emotionally and psychologically


Increase productivity and the bottom line


Keep people out of jail


Positively impact families and communities


Inspire a better future

Maureen delivers programs Australia wide, in both regional towns and capital cities; she understands the economic and workplace pressures faced across diverse environments from harvesting sheds in farming communities to metropolitan corporate boardrooms.

Her clients include: Bega Cheese, Unilever Australasia, LGPro, Uniting Care, Hungry Jacks, Melbourne University, Macedon Shire Council, Gannawaara Shire Council, Cobram District Health, Australian Window Assoc., Kyabram District Health.