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Upward Bullying is traumatic, isolating and can result in your job, reputation and personal safety being jeopardised. I know this from the investigations I’ve done, the people I’ve helped, and from the countless people who contact me every day to share their stories and ask for advice.


What every person who contacts me has in common is the need for a confidential space where they will be heard. Where they will be believed. Where they can trust the other person.


My Confidential VIP Sessions allow us to hold space for you and your unique situation. You can share your story honestly and safely, without judgement and without risk.

We can look at the facts of your individual case, its impact on you professionally AND personally, and come up with a unique strategic plan to help you move forward.

These sessions are responsive and tailored to you. You get access to me and my 30+ years of helping people navigate upward bullying, vexatious claims and toxic workplaces. We will draw on that knowledge and experience to come with the right plan for you.


Why choose a Confidential VIP Session?

Upward Bullying puts leaders into disarray – and at incredible risk. If that is how you feel right now – what is it worth to you to have a dedicated, supportive expert on your side?

Level 1- Disarray: At this stage, the leader is at the highest risk. The bullying is ongoing, and the leader feels overwhelmed and unsure and needs direction how to respond to reduce the risk of a crisis.
Level 2 – Uncertainty: The leader has begun to acknowledge and try to understand the situation. However, they’re still at high risk of overwhelm, as they haven’t yet started implementing solutions.
Level 3 – Awareness: The risk begins to decrease slightly as the leader gains insight into the situation. They become reactive and  start identifying resources and possible solutions but haven’t fully implemented them yet.
Level 4 – Planning: The leader is starting to develop a plan of action, which reduces the risk to mid-range. The leader becomes more curious, however, they’re still at a significant risk until they begin to act.
Level 5 – Action: As the leader starts implementing their plan, the risk decreases further. Resilience begins to build like a muscle, and they start to regain control, which helps reduce the risk further.
Level 6 – Confidence: The risk to the leader becomes significantly lower as they regain control and confidence in their role. They have the capacity to adapt to change and see the positive results of their actions, which helps further lower the risk.
Level 7 – Tranquillity: At this stage, the leader has successfully navigated the situation and are empowered to take control. The risk is now minimal to none.

The Tranquility Model is the foundation of all our VIP sessions


First is self-awareness. Its important to consider how you respond and react to different situations, and the behaviour you are modelling as a result.


Once you have awareness, you need to assess the unique issues you face. There’s a myriad of tools available – what matters is finding the right solution to help you at a personal or organisational level.


When you have Awareness and you’ve undertake Assessment, the question is what do we do now?

Action is the plan that says what we need to do, when, and at what pace. 


Confidential VIP sessions include:

A 3-hour 1:1 consultation with Maureen Kyne

A tailored strategy and action plan to help you address your personal challenges

Tools, resources and materials to support you going forward

Two 30-minute check in calls to see how you are going and support you

3 months of email and SMS support as you implement your action plan

Price is provided on application. Get in touch to book in your VIP session.

Choose empowerment.

Choose wellbeing.

Choose tranquillity.

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