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Understanding Upward Bullying

A short guide for CEOs, Business Owners and HR Practitioners

Are you familiar with Upward Bullying?

It is a form of Subordinate Retaliation that begins with passive aggressive behaviour – and escalates to dangerous, and sometimes criminal, consequences.

Upward Bullying involves subordinates targeting their manager or team leader.

There are multiple things that can make a manager a target – but we know the issue thrives in organisations that struggle to respond to change.

I’ve written this short guide for CEOs, Business Owners and HR Practitioners to help you learn more about this insidious form of bullying and why we need to understand and prevent it.

In the guide you’ll find:

  • What upward bullying looks like

  • Why it happens

  • The impact is has on leaders and the business

  • Three simple steps you can take to end Upward Bullying 

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