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Maureen’s key message

Maureen’s message is simple : 

‘Changing behaviours will save lives’

If you don’t change behaviours you possibly will end up on the wrong side of the law. Her keynotes are filled with actual events that she has been involved in as an investigator when the complaints handling process has failed and people are now in a state of crisis. 

Her storytelling style will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat as she draws you into the topic making you believe it is you she is talking about. 

Keynotes  leave audiences hungry for more of Maureen’s  wisdom and insights to become the shift and game changer in your workplace.

No More Harm Conference

Complaints Handling Perilous or Not – You Be The Judge

Far too often Maureen has seen the fall out when inappropriate behaviour is not being handled correctly with in the workplace.

It is let down by the Complaints Handling process.

Either workplaces do not have a process in place leaving those being targeted more vulnerable than ever before and there are workplaces were where people are not skilled to undertake the Complaints Handling.

This is a deep flaw within the workplace and something  Maureen’s presentation received great accolades from people who represent government in the complaints handling arena.

Australian Regional Development Conference

Maureen’s presentation at this conference was to highlight that bullying behaviour is having a far wider impact than ever considered. She highlights that there are three key areas that should ring alarm bells for everyone in a workplace.
Bullied Workers Suffer ‘Battle Stress’
Workplace Bullying vs Domestic Violence
Bullying = Stress and Stroke Risk
The only way to change this is to have sound prevention strategies within the workplace.

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Diversity is on the agenda everywhere at the moment. It encompasses much more than knowing what it is. What is not being said is the impact of getting it wrong. Maureen’s keynote at the conference had many thinking about their own capacity if they were faced with such event that Maureen took them through.

This story took them through an event where a person lost their life, others seriously injured, and the perpetrator jailed and then what the outcomes might look like under the changes to the laws in Victoria today.