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Service Areas Provided


Consulting Services

C-Suite, business owners & leadership confidante and consulting to health, private enterprise, manufacturing  & public sectors.

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Workshops & Programs

Customised workshops and development based on our proprietary Trust Driven Performance™ (TDP™) programs.

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Investigations & Intervention

Crisis intervention, PEACE model investigation strategies. Risk mitigation processes, governance and regulatory management.

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About Us

Prevent – Detect – Correct

Bullying is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Unacceptable workplace behaviours are putting organisations, reputations, profits, productivity and staff at considerable risk.

Business are being brought to their knees and lives are being destroyed at record levels – physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Maureen Kyne & Associates breaks the cycle of bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination by preventing, detecting and correcting issues and behaviours. Clients are diverse across private enterprise, manufacturing, health and public sectors.

Director, Maureen Kyne is a trusted confidante to business owners, CEOs, Boards, leaders and business owners delivering Trust Driven Performance™ (TDP™) programs, consulting and mentoring services.

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Watch our video series lifting the lid on this insidious and under-reported form of bullying

Maureen Kyne is a regular TV guest and media contributor

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