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Bringing an intuitive, respectful & rational lens to your people challenges

  • Are you an owner or senior leader in your business?

  • Do you struggle with ensuring you’re up to date with your HR obligations and processes?

  • Do you worry about costly WorkCover or IR claims?

  • Do you want to improve the workplace culture for your team?

Managing people can be stressful – but it’s less stressful when you’re not managing it alone.

HR Blueprint is your trusted partner in HR.  We understand your human capital is the most important asset of your business.

HR Blueprint was created by Justin Hocking and Maureen Kyne in 2020 as bushfires impacted our country and the Covid-19 pandemic took hold, changing Australia’s business landscape.  

As your outsourced HR department, we listen attentively to your challenges; assess each issue individually; and develop efficient solutions.

We are committed to doing whatever it takes to work through your problems.  We treat your business as if it were our own.

Your HR Strategist

We facilitate laser-focused strategy development across the employee lifecycle and business concerns, including growth, crisis and your specific requirements.

We do this through intensive strategy sessions; developing streamlined core messaging; and delivering consulting and advisory services focused on project implementation.

Driving Growth and Transformation

Every business and individual is unique.  That’s why we develop tailored solutions focused on profitability, growth, innovation and sustainability.

We know transformation doesn’t happen overnight.  We commit to long-term partnerships with our clients to make transformative results a reality.  Through a collaborative approach we deliver measurable differences and achieve strategic goals.


Your Educator and Trainer

We deliver bespoke, interactive and memorable training and development programs, focused on improving workplace behaviour.  

We recognise the investment you make in training and education, and we design our programs to be transformational.

We know how to connect your people to purpose through our well developed blueprint for success:

The Trust Driven Performance Model

Trust is the cornerstone of profitable & sustainable workplaces & businesses.

Without trust, organisations will operate in crisis mode with disengaged employees, reduced productivity & increased risks.

The Trust Driven Performance™ model operates across five elements of the workplace to shift individual behaviour & culture.

When you set clear expectations, build strong foundations, and create connectivity, you have a strong HR framework, drive high performance and see elevated outcomes in your business.

Strategy |  Consult |  Facilitate |  Advise |  Mentor | Educate

Our Services


Compliance and Governance

Professional Industrial Relations and Human Resources advice on the employment cycle of your employees.

Areas such as terminations & Fair Work Compliance can be confusing.  Our experts ensure you follow the National Employment Standards (NES), Casual Arrangements, Modern Awards, Correct Pay Rates, Commissions or Bonuses. Our consultants advise ways to prevent Unfair Dismissals, Adverse Action Claim, Wage Theft or General Protections Claim.

Workplace Behaviour

Breaking the cycle of bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination requires a commitment to peeling back the layers that underpin these unacceptable & risky behaviours.

Our workplace behaviour consultations cover prevention, detection & correction of the underpinning drivers which lead to crisis & catastrophic consequences.

Confidante to Your Business

It can be very lonely as a senior leader.

And it is not always appropriate to talk to peers about issues that keep you awake at 3am in the long dark night.

Maureen is a trusted confidante with over 40 years of experience in leadership, HR and workplace behaviour.  Maureen will support and guide you on potential and current issues.  As a mentor, she approaches every conversation with respect and impartial analysis of behaviours and cultural attitudes.

Crisis Intervention

There is a cultural acceptance that things need to be serious before intervention is considered.

Tee fact is a calm, factual & respectful process is essential to unpack all issues; non-accusatory, all parties treated fairly & respectively, confidential interviews, reporting & legal access.

Workshops and Education

In the Hot Seat

In The Hot Seat was developed after realising our days & weeks are full of challenging conversations with our clients. Often, it’s after something has gone terribly amiss, not according to plan.

These conversations often happen too late, simply because of not knowing when & how to have them before crisis hits. This shows up in statements such as: “I don’t have enough time, I am forever chasing new staff, it’s not really a big deal it will sort itself out”…which equates to avoidance.

The Collective Program

This program engages executives & senior leadership, you hold the responsibility for stepping up & making decisions that affect the day to day running & welfare for the business – & you know you are bound not only by operational imperatives, but confines & constraints of legislation, regulations, & statutory requirements.

The Intrinsic Program

Management: Based on the same framework of the Collective program, this program is very similar with a slight twist.

To determine the content of the program a day is spent to strategically understand what are the key issues & drivers that need to be worked on. These are the elements of delivery for the Intrinsic Program.

The Emergence Program

Emerging Leaders: New custodians to leaderships roles, the program has four core elements, supported by two additional elements determined by the business. Participants will learn legal liability, personal responsibility & how to lean into their role.

Custom Education Programs and Workshops

We have extensive experience across a range of learning & development programs that include the full suite of Everything DiSC, Workplace Behaviour, Sexual Harassment, Diversity & Inclusion, Difficult Conversations, Conflict Resolution, Communication, Team Building, Leadership Development customised to suit your organisational & individual needs.

Let’s transform your organisation with Trust Driven Performance.

Contact us for a confidential conversation about your HR and IR needs.