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Breaking the cycle of bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination requires a commitment to peeling back the layers that underpin unacceptable behaviours.

Consulting services cover prevention, detection and correction of the underpinning drivers which lead to crisis and catastrophic consequences.

Maureen works with both upward and downward bullying from casual sexism, stereotyping, psychological attack to physical and sexual harassment. Prevention strategies are better than costly cure and potential legal action and jail. 

Consulting is delivered remotely or on-site with a flexible short or long-range focus and urgent response capacity. When required, specialist cultural and legal services are engaged as part of a multidisciplinary capability.


Trust Driven Performance™ (TDP™)

Trust is the cornerstone of profitable and sustainable workplaces and businesses. Without trust organisations will operate in crisis mode with disengaged employees and reduced productivity.

The model of a Trust Driven Performance™ workplace operates across five elements that change individual behaviours and entire cultures.

Consulting and proprietary programs build the framework for organisations that are purpose driven high performing and have a trust based culture.

Confidante to C-Suite & Business Owners

It can be very lonely as a senior leader, MD or CEO. And it’s not always appropriate to talk to peers and there is simply the need to talk about those  issues that keep you awake at 3am in the long dark night of the corporate soul.

Maureen is a trusted confidante to support and guide potential and current issues with respect and impartial analysis of behaviours and cultural attitudes.

Leadership mentor and advisor to identify and correct highly sensitive, complex and explosive situations.